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ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

Popularity, the handsome Damen, and a friend is all Charlotte wanted. The new school year would bring all these things closer to Charlotte, she knew it, if only she changed herself a tad bit. But the first day of junior year, things don’t go as planned. After a deadly incident involving a gummy bear, Charlotte finds herself on the Other Side of the school. She is able to be on the outside looking in, without the Living Kids seeing her staring with eager eyes: something she always felt but finally came true. It isn’t exactly a dream though because now Damen can’t fall in love with her! Then Charlotte finds out she is still in high school but having to learn from a dead teacher about Deadiquette, though her hope to become popular is still shining. But when Charlotte discovers that one of the Living Kids can see her, her hope only shines brighter …

ghostgirl was enjoyable after the first 30 pages. The beginning was dull but when I met the Dead Kids, everything was becoming ‘fun’. Though the dialogue was predictable, I couldn’t get enough of it! I’m not a fan of the narration (third person but completely descriptive) and the death references took up a lot of space. Things like “dying to be popular” and “he doesn’t even know I’m alive” were funny the first time, but they soon became overused.

Charlotte was selfish and only cared about herself (she even admitted to it) but this is the story of how hard she tried to overcome that. Her logic was interesting and her decisions made the storyline twist and turn with every chapter. The Dead Kids added so much to the story that I can’t imagine it without them. They each explained their Life and their Death which was utterly fascinating. Author Tonya Hurley’s voice is fun and distinctive but I’d like to see how she would use it in a different book.

pages: 328 (but reads like 250), ages: 14 +, release date: August 2008, publisher: Little, Brown
Contains: profanity, sensuality, and a few inappropriate comments
(4 starred reviews) “Goofy, ghastly, intelligent, electrifying.” -Kirkus

Stars: 4 out of 5

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  1. I've seen this places, but never read what it was about... looks kinda cute :)
    long, though.

    Oh, and I love the new header pic!


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