Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Book 2 Movie: Ever Read It?

The Possibility of Fireflies
by Dominque Paul

Synopsis: "I am sitting on my front stoop. I think it's about midnight. I was busy reading up until an hour ago, but my eyes started to hurt from squinting. Now it's just me and the waiting.

It's 1987 and fourteen-year-old Ellie Roma doesn't have much of a family. She lives with her mother, who has taken a break from parenting; and her older sister, Gwen, who is on her way to becoming a juvenile delinquent. Her father left them to start a new life.

So Ellie spends a lot of time alone, especially at night, when all she has to keep her company are the fireflies that flicker in the summer air. Then one day a mysterious stranger enters her dark world. He is Leo, twenty-one, who is on his way to Hollywood to become a rock star. Ellie and Leo connect instantly, and Ellie hopes Leo will be the one to rescue her from her unhappy life. But instead, Leo teaches Ellie that no one can save you. You have to go after what you want. So one night — one terrible, frightening, thrilling night — that's exactly what Ellie decides to do.

With a fresh perspective, first-time novelist Dominique Paul deftly weaves a family drama about chaos and dysfunction, with a young girl's journey of triumph. Full of humor and sorrow, heartbreak and hope, The Possibility of Fireflies is really a story that we all have to tell: the story of the summer we grew up."

From the post title, you probably guessed it. This book is going to be a movie! (Check out some of the details here.)

This book currently awaits to be read in my stack of books. It's really not that long so it's kind of a shame I haven't read it yet. But that doesn't mean you can't read it! (That is what this post is for.) If you have read it, please leave a link to your review. I'd love to see what you thought of it! :)

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  1. I've read this book, and all I can say is it's WORTH IT. And I don't want to warn you about the end, but anyway, I can't wait for the sequel of this novel. You definitely should read it!


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