Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogs to Check Out

Here are some blogs you should visit!

There are few bloggers out there I like reading posts from and these just happen to be it:

EmilyRuth from Aye Captain

The things I like about her blog: Her insightful reviews describe everything I need to know about the book (mostly the small details other reviewers don't add). She is polite and updates regularly with interesting posts (never too long or short).

TheBookworm from Au Courant

The things I like about her blog: Now this is a blogger who is not afraid to share her opinions! I envy her thoroughly-explained reviews and I understand how part of her Evermore review got published at the beginning of it's sequel. (Look in the front of Blue Moon by Alyson Noel.)

Priya from Book Crumbs

The things I like about her blog: Her reviews are short and sweet. And there is always some interesting fact I learn from visiting her blog. It may be hard to remember the URL so put Book Crumbs on your favorites or subscribe to her on GoogleReader.

Ms. Mazzola from State of Denmark

The things I like about her blog: This may, in fact, be the coolest school teacher I know. Her opinions on young adult and adult books are something you don't hear every day. Her voice is original and reading about what she has to say about the topics in our day is something you can't miss out on.

The Children's Book Reporter from The Book Report

The things I like about the blog: She has a great selection of books and a great opinion to go with them. Though her background is white, the page always seems to pop when you visit. And I love the widgets she picks out! :)

Morgan from Books and Literature for Teens

The things I like about her blog: The reviews are filled with helpful information! I love the layout of them and of her other posts. She tries her hardest to share the news of all the book young adult books out there and she definitely succeeds!

Arya from Sea of Pages

Things I like about her blog: It's simple! She's straight-to-the-point with all her posts. I respect her opinion and, someday, she will be a published author. She is ready to introduce to you a bundle of great middle grade reads so stop by and visit.

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