Friday, July 10, 2009

North of Beautiful

North of Beautiful
by Justina Chen Headley
5 out of 5 stars

AGES 13+

Terra Cooper: the girl who was laughed at in the first grade, the girl constantly shielding her dad’s snarky comments and the stares from not only children but adults alike. In the last year of high school, after countless laser treatments and doctor visits that failed to remove her birthmark, Terra is convinced that nothing will ever change her face. Whenever there is a new product that comes along and fails, her hopes always dwindle to even less. But it’s not all bad! She’s tall, has a stunning body, and has natural platinum blond hair. Plus, she’s got the hottest boy at school as a boyfriend. When she befriends a Goth Chinese boy, she figures out that he may know her even better than she does herself. And that this boy just may be her compass pointing to the True North of Beautiful.

Author Justina Chen Headley’s writing was exhilarating but was also soft and delicate. The whole picture was seen in her direct prose but the smallest details weren’t left out. I think this book has the least Is ever used which is something the author should be proud of. Though, at the beginning, the scenes were sometimes a little confusing, it introduced the characters realistically. The second half of the book is what put me on the edge of my comfy blue recliner because that’s where the characters start growing and changing their ways. Many people have said this but this book was beautiful. And sweet. And educational, in more ways than one.




  1. Completely agree with you. This book is on my favorites list for 2009.

  2. Ooh, I really must read this one!!!


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