Friday, July 31, 2009

Chasing Boys

Chasing Boys
by Karen Tayleur
5 out of 5 stars

“Remember your manners, listen to your teacher, and don’t chase boys.” A piece of advice Ariel (El, for short) had been told her first day of school. But she doesn’t know if she can keep that promise anymore now that she is going to a crammed-full public high school filled with handsome jocks. El’s family (which consists of herself, her older sister, and mother) has been down-sizing since her father left a year ago and she can’t seem to forgive him. While keeping a mental list of questions to ask her therapist one day when she does finally want to talk to him, Ariel finds out that she might be wrong with the conclusions she was so quick to come up with.

Author Karen Tayleur’s writing style is brilliant. The mixture of all the right moods are placed into this heart-pounding read. Some scenes are adorable, some are romantic, and others are somewhat depressing but captures the essence of the story. Most teens can relate to El’s struggles but only a few understand it the way she does. I love this book and my jaw literally dropped at the end.

The characters were different, likeable, and realistic. If they were actual people, I’d definitely want them as my friends! There is also a wide variety of settings that I thank the author for coming up with. It was outside-the-box! Creative doesn’t even begin to describe the storyline.

I enjoyed the book so much, I had to share more than half of it with my mother. And she loved it too! I got tears in my eyes and she was breathless. The emotion from this story will stay with you long after you have finish the final page, I guarantee. As my mom says, Chasing Boys is just plain “great”.

Contains: *brief profanity

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