Friday, May 15, 2009

Death of a Fictional Loved One

Doesn't reading make you happy?

Sometimes it depends on the book. Is the book a happy one with a happy ending? That usually does it for me. I am a sucker for happy endings. :)

Sometimes mystery books make me happy. I become curious and want to find out what happens (or happened I guess). It's like watching an episode of Monk on USA Network!

I was reading something that RandomBuzz had posted on it's main page here. The main question was: Do you choose to read tearjerkers? Or do they make you too sad? When I read good books that make me shed a tear or two, it's usually because someone died. (When Sirious Black died- Oh, don't get me started on that!) But if one of the characters you like dies, did reading that book make you happy? It's a hard question.

Can you deal with one of your favorite characters dying?


  1. Usually, if one of my favorite character dies, I'm sad for about a week, but then I get used to the fact. And yes, I was super upset when Sirius Black died too! (But I didn't cry.)

  2. I love tearjerkers, somehow the sad books manage to stay on my mind for a longer time the happy ones. Death of my favorite character? I think I can deal with it but it may take a while.


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