Saturday, April 25, 2009

Umbrella Summer

Umbrella Summer
By Lisa Graff
5 out of 5 stars


The summer after her brother died from a rare accident, Annie Richards is overprotective and far too careful in everything she does. She wears a helmet when she is walking down the street, uses all of her allowance on Band-Aids, and isn’t herself anymore. What if she got a scratch and it became infected? What if she got gangrene? Anything and everything can bring a sickness, deformity, or future medical problem. When an old lady moves into the house across the street, Annie realizes that maybe, metaphorically, she could shut her umbrella just a smidgen.

Told with sincerity and clever similes, Umbrella Summer is the best book I’ve read that shows the aftermath of the death of a loved one in the most truthful way. One of the reasons this book was brought to my attention was the cover. It’s vibrant and, I have to say, fits with the book well. The storyline was fast-paced and only told through two weeks. Annie is a spunky, refreshing character and all of them are so realistic. The writing was unmistakable and the author’s talent was put to good use. I thoroughly enjoyed all this book has to offer! It’s adorable, memorable, and teaches more than one great lesson.


Things that might scare younger readers
*different diseases
*mention of maybe-amputations

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  1. This book was awesome! Did you get your copy from the HarperCollins First Look program? (That's where I got mine.)

  2. I love the cover--so adorable!

  3. Yes, I received it from HarperCollins. I love 'em! :)


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