Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll Winner

This week's poll was ...

I'll never ...
eat cabbage
sing karaoke
stick my finger in a toaster
dress up as a cowboy (or girl)

And the winner is ...

stick my finger in a toaster!

(This week's poll may have been a little disturbing but don't think any less of me. I was in a 'mood', if you know what I mean. ;l


  1. :D

    Who would stick their finger in a toaster?

  2. why don't we have a choice of Ariel in Little Mermaid? humpf.

    *crosses arms*

  3. Priya- Hmm ... *scratchs chin then shrugs*

    EmilyRuth, I picked to say Flounder because I thought boys wouldn't want to be Ariel. *shrugs*


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