Friday, April 17, 2009

Girl at Sea

Girl at Sea
By Maureen Johnson
4 out of 5 stars

Taken away from her chances of winning over a handsome Southern, Clio is pulled into the world of seasickness and tiny spaces. Her father, ambitious and hopeful (and should I say cute), bought a yacht. The yacht isn’t huge but it would get them from here to there, right? What about from Sorrento, Italy to the middle of the sea? Stuck on a yacht (which should be exciting) but with five other people, can be tiring. Especially if there is a statuesque archeologist’s daughter who Clio envies, a cute research assistant who just might be taken, her father’s best friend who suffers from heart problems, her father’s new girlfriend, and, of course her father. Clio is annoyed already but the real reason is … what are they doing in the middle of the sea?

The first half of this book (pages 166 and earlier) where slow at getting to the point. It was boring to read about the same scenes, setting, characters, and problems. It was really a teenage drama. But when page 167 arrived, I was sucked in. The story behind the main secret (the reason they are on a yacht in the middle of the sea) began to intertwine with Clio’s personal life. That, itself, is exciting! Author Maureen Johnson is clever in so many ways. She took unoriginal characters (ex. snobbish, hot, etc.) and made their small qualities seem important through humorous dialogue and vivid descriptions of the whole ordeal. If you are patient enough, which means if you can deal with reading the first half of the book, this is a great story to have on your bookshelf.


*underage drinking
*certain parts of the body brought to attention (don't worry it's PG)

I am also not a fan of the cover. Clio's personality would never hint that way (she wouldn't position herself that way, wear those clothes, and certainly not leave her mouth slightly open for a dramatic effect -or trying-to-be-attractive effect-). So mind the cover! As in, don't judge this book before you read it. :)

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  1. Oooh, this sounds so good! I love books about travel, and this sounds right up my alley! Great review! (:


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