Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top 8 by Katie Finn

Top 8
By Katie Finn
5 out of 5 stars

AGES 14+

Madison was a normal teenager. She had a great boyfriend of 17 days and counting, a trustworthy best friend, and 349 friends on her Friendverse profile. After a two-week long vacation out of the country with her family, Madison comes home to find her Friendverse account hacked. No more boyfriend, no more gang of people who like her … all because of the things that were written on the profile. I mean, Madison did say those things but writing them is totally different, right? While collecting clues as to who hacked her, Madison slowly starts to realize that she has made some wrong decisions, especially with the people she has made her friends. As they say, Don’t trust anyone.

Top 8 has more appeal than most books. The cover is inviting and fun and I was not let down! Sometimes the format changes to Madison’s Friendverse profile and you can see all of her friends’ pictures which was really fun. I knew from the start who I thought was the hacker but while discussions arose and events happened, I was led astray. So when the climax of the story was revealed, it really was a surprise. The writing was great and Author Katie Finn stuck to each character’s personality. Page by page, I was more eager to see how she solved all of the problems and concluded the story. No question will be left unanswered!


*brief sentence of homosexuality
*the words ‘fling’ and ‘hook up’ used as sexual references in past tense

*book reviewed for BookDivas


  1. Oooh....this looks so cool, I love the format!

  2. Hey my names kelsey and im looking for a Audio Recording of this online for free. I cant find any. Can you help me?

  3. This Book Is Great!!! I read it in one day! Love It! Recomend It!!

  4. I'm sorry, Kelsey, for responding so late. I've never come across a free audio recording of this online but if I ever do, you're the first person I'll think of!

    Anonymous, I'm super glad you liked this book. :)


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