Friday, March 6, 2009


By Sarah Quigley
2 out of 5 stars

Becca has a habit, though she never knew it would get her in so much trouble. You see, she tells more than she has to. Many times in her life, she has been told, “Too much information, Becca.” She’s sick of it. When she blabs about her boyfriend’s uncomfortable kisses, she gets dumped. As a New Year’s Resolution, she stops telling too much information so instead she starts an anonymous blog to get her feelings out while sparing embarrassment. On her blog, she admits her crush, reveals her friend’s biggest secret, and makes fun of many of her classmates. Then it strikes Becca. What if someone’s … reading it?

TMI has everything I didn’t expect. I was highly disappointed. It sounded sweet and the cover looked happy and welcoming. But looks can be deceiving. The writing really was great but I think Author Sarah Quigley’s talent didn’t get put to good use. Reading the book made me feel uncomfortable and I actually contemplated not finishing it but the voice in the back of my mind said I owe it to the publisher.

I loved some of the characters’ personalities, especially Becca’s bubbly one, though I didn’t like the things she said and had in her mind. Though the main idea of this book is unique and inviting, main ideas of the story (that haven’t been included in the synopsis or in any review of it I’ve read) were disturbing. I couldn’t look passed those pages and those ruined it for me … especially since it was stretched across several chapters.

Contains the following:

*sexual references and content

(book copy provided by the publisher)

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