Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sleepaway Girls

Sleepaway Girls
by Jen Calonita
5 out of 5 stars

Samantha Montgomery doesn’t want to deal with her best friend this summer, especially since all she does is cuddle with her “pookie” little boy friend. Sam decides to go to sleep away camp; her first time ever and she is going to work as a counselor-in-training. She soon makes a small group of friends that care about her and want to bring the vicious, popular Ashley down on her knees. From the first day Sam arrived at camp, Ashley has been terrorizing her so why not get her back? Within her days at camp, she makes friends, finds a crush, and gets a run for her money through all the obstacles she overcomes. And what if first impressions aren’t always right?

This book was a delight to read! Author Jen Calonita provides likeable characters with unique personalities while still focusing clearly on the plotline and using a zany twist in her writing. It was amusing and I was entertained the whole time! Being inside of Samantha’s mind and reading about the choices she will, would, or might make is laugh-out-loud funny. Though the references are fun and quirky, they are very specific to what teens watch on television and listen to on the radio today so I don’t know how long it would be up-to-date. With much potential and a pleasure to read, Sleepaway Girls will easily make it to the top!

*book copy provided by HipScouts

(This book is also a very clean read. I only found one mild reference in the whole book and it wasn't in a disturbing way. :)


  1. OMG can I say that you are SO Lucky you got a copy? I am so jealous! If you don't want it anymore....*winkwink*

    PS. Love the new background!

  2. Oh, now you're making me feel bad! :P But if you are that interested, on the author's Myspace blog she is giving away some copies here. I don't know if this is correct or not, but it seems to only have 13 comments so your chances are pretty good. And don't worry, this is actually Jen Calonita's blog (it's advertised on her official website). So check it out!

    And thank you. :)


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