Friday, March 20, 2009

Banana Splitsville

Banana Splitsville
By Catherine Clark
4 out of 5 stars

AGES 14+

Courtney’s boyfriend dumped her. Is it really his fault that he wants to be "free and clear"? Courtney is convinced it is. She decides to make a commitment: no more dating ... at least for this year. She would just have to dump her boyfriend in the end, anyway, right? She has to admit, she does want to be "free and clear" herself when college comes around. When she falls in love with the ex's best friend, discovers that her own BFF is dating her little brother, and she is juggling a job at a smoothie store with her quirky boss watching her every move, Courtney is still determined to have the best senior year ever. But how can she, with a hard-to-follow commitment on her shoulders?

Banana Splitsville is unique. It was an unoriginal idea twisted to form a creative plot and characters. I loved to read how Courtney picked out each thing about each boy, occasion, or idea that she liked and stuck with it. At times, I was thinking to myself, Not him! She doesn’t deserve him! It was true, I don’t like the main character, Courtney, but this book broke a rule. As I say, “It can’t be a good book without a likable main character.” On the other hand, other minor characters made up for that factor and I was impressed with the book altogether. Though there were some parts that bothered me, I still recommend this book with 4 stars.


*brief, unnecessary, comments of homosexuality
*sexual references that also didn’t need to be included

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