Thursday, February 26, 2009

What if ... everyone knew your name?

What if … everyone knew your name?
By Liz Ruckdeshel and Sara James
4 out of 5 stars

Haley Miller (age 15) and her family just moved to Hillsdale where she is thrown into public high school with the misfits, populars, and geeks. Chapter by chapter, you will choose Haley’s decisions and see how they play out in her life. With one wrong step, you could lead her into peer pressure or hanging out with the wrong crowd. Going to parties, meeting new people, or making friends with the cute History teacher will change the way she thinks about things. Who does she have a crush on, should she try out for soccer, and countless other things … will change everything. Whatever Haley does is in your hands so you better do it right.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was so fun! I didn’t get into any horrible situation (a few awkward moments, though) but, of course, I read though some other chapters and I have to say … be careful. There is some inappropriate content (if you make the wrong choices) but it teaches the right values and just goes to show how hard it is being a teenager. The flow of the writing and references are wonderful and kept me on my toes. I am, for sure, going to read more Choose Your Destiny novels in the near future!

(This is a great book for long car trips.)

*book copy borrowed from my local library


  1. Hi there. Do you know if there is a way we could read this book online?

  2. Hi, Kate. Thanks for visiting! :)

    The only way (the only way I could find, anyway) to read this book on your computer is if you bought an eBook of it. I found it's much cheaper just to buy the paperback from Walmart here. Sorry I wasn't much help!


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