Monday, February 16, 2009

Shadowed Summer

Shadowed Summer
By Saundra Mitchell
4 of 5 stars

Ondine, Louisiana, according to their population sign, is the home of "346 good people and 3 cranky old coots" and the only thing interesting about this town is that a teenager, Elijah, disappeared in 1989. For years, Iris and her best friend, Collette, have played make-believe games to keep themselves from going crazy, but this summer, something seems to have changed. Suddenly, Collette is boy-crazy and all of their make-believe games need something extra. A love triangle, a forbidden love, and now even a witch or two pretending to use creepy magic. But then, Elijah starts to haunt Iris; his ghost follows and terrorizes her. All Iris and think is, why me?

Shadowed Summer scared me to death at times. I had to leave my light on at night for two nights in a row. It gave me goose bumps and made me look twice. I loved that part. The mystery behind the disappearance of '89 was fun to follow and it was especially interesting to find clues. Talking about the book in general, I feel really comfortable and would recommend it ... but I don't see why Elijah needed to turn out homosexual. It really ruined it for me and I don't see how I can overlook that. If you think you can over look that, this is a great book to creep you out of your skin.


(I can't really decide.)

*book copy provided by the author


  1. Um, way to spoil part of the ending for readers. Luckily, I just finished reading the book so it doesn't bother me as much. But for people who haven't read the book, you gave away a fairly big spoiler.

    Anyway, personally, I found the truth about Elijah to be quite the good twist and was something unexpected, but still made sense. I don't see what the problem is with Elijah being who he is. It's the 21st century- accept people for who they are. Why should it ruin the book for you? Besides, something like this shouldn't detract from the overall storyline; it's such a small part of the ending that it shouldn't affect your reading of the book.

    If it were my review, I'd definitely recommend the book and I plan on doing so when I review it later this week.

  2. I really loved Shadowed Summer and agree with BookChic that perhaps you could remove the spoiler part of the review?

    Otherwise, I really liked your review and the book scared me to death too!

  3. I'm sorry you guys thought the spoiler alert was unneccessary but I thought I should include it for others to acknowledge. I'll try not to make other reviews as spoiling.

    Thanks for commenting and stopping by at my blog! :)


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