Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Name of This Book is Secret

(I was looking through all the reviews I've written and found one that I have never posted. This was one of my first reviews. This was such a great book, I can't believe I've never said anything about it on my blog.)

A review left unread:

The Name of This Book is Secret
By “Pseudonymous Bosch”
5 out of 5 stars

Not knowing a secret is just about the worst thing in the world.
No, I can think of one thing worse.
Knowing a secret.
Read on, if you must.
But, remember, I warned you.

Eleven-year-olds Cassandra and Max-Ernest found a box, a secret box, which was titled (or so it said) The Symphony of Smells, containing vials. The box was connected to a mysterious magician’s mysterious disappearance during a mysterious fire. It’s all so mysterious! Cass and Max find themselves on a trail of secret riddles and secret rooms… and the most important thing of all: The Secret.

Author “Pseudonymous Bosch’s” unique voice and perspective shows through this one-of-a-kind read. When I first picked up this book, I thought that I knew what to expect, such as a copycat of Lemony Snicket’s way of writing. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that Pseudonymous has a voice of his own.

The way this story is written is not only mysterious, unique, and secret, but it was enjoyable to the very last sentence. But in that last sentence, there is another mystery… that you can find out only if you read the sequel.

*book copy provided by BookDivas

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