Sunday, February 22, 2009

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is where I share with you the books I've gotten in the mail or the library. Maybe you'll find a book you want to read along the way!

(idea by TheStorySiren)

What if ... everyone knew your name?

(A Choose Your Own Destiny Novel)
By Liz Ruckdeschel

Meet Haley Miller. She’s a 15-year-old girl of average height, average weight, and an average sense of style. Installed in her first public high school, Haley faces the toughest choices of her young life. And guess what? She’s all yours.

In this interactive novel, readers lead Haley through the halls of Hillsdale High for better or for worse. Until graduation do you part. Do you guide her away from the pitfalls of peer pressure? Or into the vortex of bad boys and parties? Send her to homecoming with the captain of the soccer team . . . or have her skip the dance to go on a road trip with the hot rebel. Give Haley a makeover or teach her to love herself the way she is. Pick which crowd she’ll hang with. Tell her how often to do her homework. And decide whether she drinks or inhales.

You determine her fortune. Her grades, her friends, her love life, her future. With Haley’s many positive traits, you should have no trouble achieving success . . . or will you? It’s all in the way you work, love, and play with Haley Miller, the girl with the most potential at Hillsdale High.

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(I didn't get any books in the mail this week! Darn. But I did borrow one from the library, as you can see. I always liked the Choose Your Own Adventure books but I think I'll like this series better because it's aimed more toward the girl audience.)


  1. i was never big on the choose your own adventure stories but the cover of this one is really pretty

  2. wow! i love choose your own adventure books! that sounds like a fun one, i might have to check it out!

    thanks for participating in IMM!!

  3. One of my students has been begging me to get these in our library. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.


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