Sunday, February 22, 2009

Contacting An Author

You have a favorite book. You have a favorite author who wrote that book. What made the author want to write it?

While contacting the author (preferably by the email provided on their website), make it short and sweet. Tell them how you enjoyed the book. If you were the author, wouldn't it be fun getting email like that?

If you'd like to interview them, either for your blog or a school project, ask them at the bottom of the email. (Ex: "I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions for a project that I am doing at school."

If they reply, ask them! It's really simple and fun to hear back from them. You'd be running around the house, saying, "Melissa Kantor sent me an email!" Or something like that.

Don't ask too many of "What inspired you?" questions because authors are asked that a lot and I'm sure that your favorite author would have answered them hundreds of times already. Keep the mood light and it will be more than just enjoyable! (It's exhilarating.)


  1. I've done this with a few authors and it's always really nice to hear from them! It sounds like you've done it a lot too, GwtB ;)


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