Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waiting for Normal

Waiting for Normal
by Leslie Connor
4 out of 5 stars

Addie has taken many twists and turns in her lifetime. Her mother and stepfather divorced a few years ago and now she is living in a trailer with her mother. Her stepfather, Dwight, lives hours away with her two sisters and his new girlfriend. Addie makes friends, lands a part in the school symphony, and misses her sisters deeply even though she sees them every weekend. She loves them and cares about them but she can’t pretend anymore. They aren’t her family now. All Addie really wants is normal; to know what’s going to happen next. But living with her unpredictable mother, that is a big challenge.

Waiting for Normal was a wonderful written novel. Each character introduced was perfect for the story. Dwight was a loving father and in the end, I almost cried. The storyline was excellent and I didn’t even see the events coming. Being inside of Addie’s mind is truly exciting and reading about the way she interprets the world around her is fascinating.

The pages inside the book tell the story of a girl wanting to be normal but I am fully convinced that Addie didn’t really wanted to be. ‘Normal’ was the word she used but I think she just wanted to be ‘happy’. If her mother had acted like an actual mother, I think she would have wanted to stay exactly where she was.

(For me it ruined parts of the story, but be aware that there is a homosexual minor character.)

*book copy borrowed from the library

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