Monday, January 12, 2009

The Tomorrow Code

The Tomorrow Code
By Brian Falkner
4 out of 5 stars

Teenagers Tane and Rebecca have been friends since anyone could remember. Rebecca has the highest grades in the class, always looks her rock-star best, and everyone admires her. But sometimes Rebecca feels no one can understand her. Her father’s dead and her mother is wasting away in front of the television. Tane begins to have more-than-a-friend feelings about her, but Rebecca doesn’t notice a thing. One day, Rebecca comes home to a note on her door from the government saying they are taking away the house because the bills haven’t been paid for months. Out of pure curiosity, Tane and Rebecca start thinking about time travel. What are the likes that it could really happen? Then they start receiving coded messaged from the future. With Tane’s boy scout experience and Rebecca’s intelligence, they decipher the messages and are not happy to see what they have found: it’s an SOS from… themselves?

The Tomorrow Code was brilliant and fascinating at first because of the character’s uniqueness and the quality of the author’s writing. The place and events were vivid and fun to read about but then it drew away from the characters’ personalities that they had in the beginning. I started not to like Rebecca because she turned know-it-all and snotty. She wasn’t herself. The events going on and the news reports that were brought into the story added so much more appeal to the book. Then, unfortunately, even the main plot began to get boring. I set this book down five times, so I read five different books between the pages of this one. I might have strolled away from the plot, I don’t know for sure, but this book just didn’t make it on my Recommended List.

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