Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Substitute Kid

The Substitute Kid
by Joseph K. Smith
4 out of 5 stars

Michaela Davis is an impatient ten-year-old girl and is always getting into trouble, though it’s not always her fault. When her scientist father introduces Michaela to a robot he created, she feels like she is looking into a mirror. Could she possibly use this replica of herself to her advantage? Constantly receiving detentions, bad grades, and getting grounded, Michaela decides to take the robot for a test drive. Maybe her life would be easier if she had a twin to do everything for her. With failing attempts, an annoying older brother, bad habits, and a demanding mother, having a successful plan is hard.

The Substitute Kid was a nice, short read. The characters were quirky and original. I really enjoyed all the dialogue. It was very realistic. It got a little annoying that certain sentences were repeated. The writing seems like a fifth grade wrote it; it’s simple and explains everything to the reader but it doesn’t seem revised.

This book has a great moral lesson that both younger and older people can understand. The meaning of this story is clear once you read it and it will stay in your mind.

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  1. It sounds fun! I can hardly tell which one is real and which one is the robot on the cover.

  2. Girlwithbraids,

    Yeah, my daughter really enjoyed The Substitute Kid (she is eleven). FYI -My sis is friends with the author and he told her that he purposedly wrote the book as if a 4th grader was writing it, because he wanted to the story to be authenticly written as if it was written by the main character (Micheala).

    Great review and we really like your site!!!


  3. That makes perfect sense! :) Thank you for telling me and for stopping by at my site!


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