Sunday, January 25, 2009


By Lois Lowry
5 out of 5 stars


Matty, six years after leaving his life of mischief and stealing, was living with the blind man in Village, a town where the handicapped and misfits have a place to stay. Matty had grown to be a fine young man, found love with the schoolteacher’s daughter, and was a devout messenger. When the town decided that no more wanderers would be allowed to live in Village, Leader sent Matty on a journey. To deliver the messages that Leader gave him and to get to the blind man’s daughter, Matty had to walk through Forest, the deadly forest that had killed so many people. Matty wasn’t afraid, but now Forest is changing…

Messenger was … beautiful. Matty “gave himself willingly, traded for all that he loved and valued.” I adore this book so much that it will never collect dust, for I will be taking it off my shelf and reading it all the time. The characters from Gathering Blue and The Giver meet in this wonderful read. Author Lois Lowry has astounded me once more with her likable characters and the fast pace of the storyline. I actually did cry at the end of this book, which makes this the second fictional book I have ever cried over. Readers of all genres will enjoy reading this tale of love, adventure, and loss.

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To read the first two chapters online, click here.

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