Saturday, December 20, 2008

Places to Review Free Books

Places where you can get free books:

What it is:

HarperCollin's publishers want people to review their books before they come out in stores. So, if you are up to the challenge, you could get free books to review.

How it works:

1. Make an account with all the programs selected.
2. You will get an email asking you to confirm your account, so... confirm it.
3. In your account, under the 'First Look' column, click 'click here' to view the current books you can review.
4. If you find a book (all of them are ARCs) in the list that you would like to read, tell them why you want to read it in the box below the book.
5. The first day of each month, they pick out people to get the books.

If you get one...

6. When you get it in the mail, read it and write a review for it (20 words or less) by the end of the month.
7. Log on and click the program offerings again. At the top (if you got a book) it will say the title of the book that you read. Click it. Submit your review in the box below and answer the few questions.

(It's a lot easier than I make it out to be.)

What it is:

BookDivas at CollectiveX are basically the employees of BookDivas, a place where people (mostly teens) can share and tell each other about books, but there are also contests constantly going on AND a review section. That review section is where the BookDivas at CollectiveX have their reviews posted by the big guns. How do the reviewing BookDivas get paid? With free books! (You get to keep the books that you review.)

How it works:

1. Go to BookDivas at CollectiveX and make an account.
2. There is a 'Books to Review' section in the Discussions area. That is where BookDiva Melyssa posts the new books.
3. Be fast, because it's first come first serve. Check it out daily. You never know when new books are going to be posted. It's always a surprise
4. Send a private message to Melyssa with your top 5 book choices and your mailing address (only send your mailing address with your first PM, because Melyssa will have the record of your address from then on).
5. They are really quick about sending books. For me, it only took a week or so, but be patient.
When you get the book...
6. When you get the book in the mail, try to read and review it during the next three weeks.
7. Private Message your (two paragraph) review to Melyssa and she will send it to the people at real BookDivas website.
8. They will post it whenever they get the chance.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Places to Review Free Books!


  1. I'm a HarperCollins First Look Reviewer. It's really fun and you get to read new books too!

  2. If you do a review for BookDivas are you allowed to post it on your blog too?

  3. Absolutely! In fact, they strongly encourage you to post it anywhere you can. I have yet to hear of a book reveiwing site that doesn't let you post your review elsewhere. They want to get as much publicity as possible.

    Go for it, Arya! :)

  4. And will they let you know if they're sending you the books?

  5. No, Melyssa doesn't tell you if they are sending you the book. She used to tell you when she got your review of it though she hasn't done that in a while. (She's in college and is really busy.) The book just shows up in your mailbox if you got it! It's pretty fun, really. :)


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