Monday, December 22, 2008

Places to Review Free Books Part Two

(ages 13-up)

What it is:

A place to review new ARCs from Hachette!

How it works:

I don't exactly know yet. I sent them an email recently and they wrote back with an attached form and I sent it out in the mail.

What you do:

"Would you like to read and review advance copies of books before they’re available anywhere else? Then you could be a Hip Scout, one of our teen readers who get free advance copies of our best YA books in exchange for writing a review. To join Hip Scouts, send an email to" -from the site

(age 13-up)

What it is:

Hundreds of members request books from Early Reviewers every month, but only few are picked. I have yet to be chosen but I am not giving up yet. (Being picked to review a book is based on eligibility and if you have a site or reviewed a lot of books.)

How it works:

Many of you that have clicked the link above, can't see what I'm talking about. You need an account first. It's really easy. Where it says log in, click the button that says 'Join Now' and complete the registration.

Then my link will work and you can see all the books that are posted.

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