Saturday, December 27, 2008

Delicious: The Life and Art of Wayne Thiebaud

The Life and Art of Wayne Thiebaud: Delicious
By Susan Goldman Rubin
4 out of 5 stars

Wayne Thiebaud, the highly known painter and cartoonist, shares his life’s work with Author Susan Goldman Rubin so that she may put it in book form. From his childhood to his adulthood to his sons and daughter’s childhood, Wayne discusses how painting changed his life… in more ways than one. His passion for desserts and snack food inspired him to paint his first pictures. As he slowly go into it, he started to draw landscapes and then cityscapes. Wayne shares all the ways he grew as a painter and how different drawing techniques illustrate every picture in it’s own way.

The reason why I first picked this up at the library is because it looks awesome. Really, the cover and the how the pages are done really stands out. Once I got into, though, it wasn’t just about the pictures and the format, I wanted to see what happened in Wayne’s life. It’s told simply but thoroughly. It’s long but put in short. The paintings that are shown in this book are wonderful and each as it’s own taste, even though they were drawn by the same person. Wayne’s paintings are unique and “delicious”.

*book copy borrowed from the library

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