Monday, December 22, 2008

Charlie Small: Gorilla City

Charlie Small: Gorilla City
by Nick Ward and "Charlie Small"
3.5 out of 5 stars

Charlie Small is a computer-game-playing, not-cleaning-his-room, has-fun-exploring-outside eight-year-old boy living by Lancashire, England. One day, he decides to pick up his backpack and explore once more. When he paddles down the river on his raft, he encounters a crocodile. After the fight, he realizes he doesn’t know where he is! He meets a friendly, mechanical rhino, almost gets eaten by hungry hyenas, attacked by a giant, poisonous snake, and becomes the king of a gorilla city. All the while, collecting evidence to prove his story when he arrives home and recording his many adventures in his journal, which washes up later on the banks of river Wyre.

The First Amazing, Astonishing, Incredible, and True Adventures of Me, Charlie Small: Gorilla City (long name, isn't it) was a fun quick read that gave me a brake from all of those long, slow-moving novels. The whole time I was reading it, I had a cartoon playing in my head, which made me realize that it actually would be a fun cartoon to watch on television! You can tell that it was written for younger children, but I think some may have trouble following the storyline. I recommend it to all young, adventurous boys who love the outdoors, for they might enjoy it the most. Charlie has a wonderful sense of humor any young boy would recognize.

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